Dynamic Strength Test

Part of the fitness assessment to become a police officer involves taking a dynamic strength test. The dynamic strength test assesses your upper body strength using a machine called a ‘Dyno’. The test involves performing five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls. Your end result will be the average of the five pushes and the average of the five pulls.

To pass this assessment you need to pull on average at least 35kg and push on average at least 34kg.

Dyno Machine

Push / Pull

For the ‘push’ test you will sit on the Dyno machine with your back straight against the seat and push a bar away from you. The machine is a set resistance so no matter how hard you push the speed that you are able to push the bar will remain constant.

For the ‘pull’ test you will sit facing the seat with your chest against the back rest and pull a bar towards you. Like with the ‘push’ test the resistance will remain the same no matter how hard you pull.

During this element of the fitness assessment you will be given the opportunity to perform three practice push and pulls. This allows you to understand how the machine works prior to taking your five recorded attempts.



Getting Ready: Don’t feel rushed! Your grip and seating position may mean the difference between scoring a good result and failing the test. It is important that you’re comfortable and ensure the handle is adjusted to the correct height. Too low or high and you may be putting more effort into stretching to reach the bar than pushing or pulling it. Unfortunately, the seats on the dyno machines cannot be adjusted but try your best to make sure your feet are flat to the floor and you’re sat comfotably.

100% Effort: You’re being assessed on your maximum effort so be sure to push or pull the bar as fast as possible! No matter how hard you push or pull the bar will offer the same resistance and move at a set speed.

Cheating: Be careful not to unintentionally cheat. It may be difficult but if you are seen to push your body weight into the bar or use it to lean back then you will fail the test. It is down to the instructors discretion whether they let you reattempt the test if you are seen cheating. Keep your back or chest flush against the seat rest and you won’t get into this situation in the first place.

Failing: Don’t feel crushed if you fail. The test often takes recruits not aware of the fitness assessment by surprise. If you fail you will be given advise to help increase your strength and be allowed two further attempts. The police cannot discriminate so unless you fail three times in a row failing once or twice won’t affect any other part of the recruitment process.



If you fail to meet the required standard  after your first attempt you will be allowed to re-take it a further two times. However, if you fail the test after your third attempt you will not be able to continue in the recruitment process and will have to wait six months to re-apply.